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Meet the Team

What is this team going to do?

  • Have fun
  • Exercise
  • Going out of our comfort zone
  • Fighting with the ocean
  • Rule the ocean
  • Get the most positive spirit out of ourselves
  • Catching fish to eat
  • Making problems
  • Solving problems

We will row the toughest race in the world. Words everybody use…..Google for more information. Copy Paste is a lost of time.

We will make the toughest row in the world to an attraction! We are used to go outside our comfort zones. So no worries, we will win. See you at the finish line.

Meet the team…. Read more

The challenge

The Challenge

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is a 3.000 mile unsupported rowing race across the Atlantic ocean from La Gomera to Antigua (Check your map if geographic was not your strong point on high school). Both islands have sunshine and good food and alcohol, that was our main goal.

It's the world's toughest row and the most demanding endurance events on the planet. But it's all about the team! Looking forward to catch these pulp while rowing.

More people have climbed the Everest than rowed across the Atlantic, or as we say in the Netherlands "with sweet people you can close the canals". We are ahead of people, in 5 years it might be a normal thing to do. And: It's not about doing our best, it's a fact to make it.

Why? Because it's the ultimate challenge... Read more

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Our Charity

Make A Wish

Make-A-Wish believes in the healing power of wishes. That is why they fulfil the he hearts desires of children between 3 and 18 years old with a life-threatening medical disease.Because if a child can believe that his wish will come true, then he can also believe that he will get better!! Read more

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